Async Applied

Practical examples of the Rust async ecosystem

Benjamin Kay
converging train tracks

Rust is a programming language with powerful asynchronous primitives. This repository showcases some practical uses cases of Rusts's async ecosystem.

Rust is a general-purpose programming language that has always aimed to be good at concurrency. We are one step closed to that goal with the recent stabilization of async/await. With that change has come flux within the async ecosystem as existing crates migrate to the new async/await syntax. I have started a repository of async "applied" to demonstrate some practical uses of the async ecosystem, including how to make futures and tokio play nice with each other. It is still very much a work in progress and in need of contributions of more examples, but go check out the code on GitHub. Also check out of the excellent tutorials on async/await. As always, please e-mail me with comments, suggestions, or if you found the tutorial helpful!